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Running Head: Software Application and An Information System


Nowadays, companies are frequently using software application and an information system to manage their respective businesses. Using software application and an information system relieve a company huge amount of paperwork and it gives unbelievable quantity of procedures and information. Through using software application tracks of different areas can be maintain within human resources, management and marketing department (C. Kenneth, 2010, 180-185). The information system in these software applications deals with every data coming in and going out.


Microsoft, Oracle, and Linux, are three different operating systems which are frequently used in companies. These three operating systems are alike and on the other hand vary in several distinctive methods. In human resources, management and marketing departments there are many reasons these software applications can be used (C. Kenneth, 2010, 180-185).

For human resources department excellent software to use is Microsoft. For example, within Microsoft there is program Microsoft Access, this operating system assist through maintaining arrangement of workers and information related with particular assignment (Ambriz, 2008, 254-259). There are many other programs included in Microsoft especially for human resources department. Other applications of Microsoft are Microsoft Office and Microsoft Works. Main applications of Microsoft office are Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. By having these all are applications Microsoft turns out to be excellent operating system and every department can have benefit through using it as it offers something for every department (Ambriz, 2008, 254-259).

Another good example of good operating systems is Oracle which is extremely helpful for businesses. Oracle is known for its relational database products and it is one of the top software and hardware suppliers (Kyte, 2010, 19-24). Oracle offers many applications and product lines for every kind of business; some of them are enterprise performance management, business process outsourcing, human capital management, customer relationship management and financial management. In order to run database system, Oracle use servers which are minicomputers and workstations (Kyte, 2010, 19-24).

Linux turn out to be different operating system, as it can be installed various kind of hardware and it can be used by bigger grouping of businesses and people(Dhunna and Dixit, 2010, 223-228). Beside laptops and desktops, Linux can also be used on super computers, mobile phones, mainframes and video game consoles. As being open and free source, Linux turns out to be different from other operating systems (Dhunna and Dixit, 2010, 223-228).

The operating systems have many uses and are valuable to organizations in different ways. Microsoft, Linux and Oracle have proven to be useful, easy to use, and well supported. These operating systems can be equally useful for a small business posting advertisements, a student organizing data, and a larger business or corporation (C. Kenneth, 2010, 180-185). The technologies and software available now only continue to grow and evolve and be more and more important to organization departments.


Software applications and information systems are a vital part for running a business today. These applications and systems help a company run smoother and more organized. In today’s world most all company’s use computers to run their business. Customers and employees expect to have answers in a reasonable time, and the applications and systems provide everyone with the information in a respectful time frame. The employees of the different departments (human resources, management and marketing) tasks are made easier with the capability of the applications and systems. In general, Information systems and software applications are available for a variety of organizational departments within a company.


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