Necessity of Research in Essay Writing

It goes without saying; research is probably among the most important factors of essay writing. If you really do want to succeed in the art of essay writing then you will have to learn how to research and also understand and know how to apply that research in your essay. You have to know how to properly carry out the research and also how to apply it effectively.

Often, the course teacher will give you a free hand and tell you to choose which ever topic you like. This is the best scenario for a student, but it is only that when the student actually knows and understands the topic that he has chosen for his essay writing task. So, before you actually decide on a topic, remember to research thoroughly and choose something which interests and intrigues you.

Prior to deciding the topic for your essay, you need to know the time or date when you have to submit the essay. This is advised because an academic essay is expected to be completed in a certain amount of time, and you need to be certain that you have sufficient material, data and information on it so that you can write an informative essay. Also remember that your essay writing is of no use whatsoever if it has just data, you have to be able to connect the dots so that the reader feels that there is some kind of direction to the essay. Without a purpose or a point to prove, your essay becomes nothing but another piece of scribble.

Many students make the mistake of getting tidbits of information on a certain topic; this is really a big error. The topic that you have selected is of your own choice, so you need to know everything there is know about it.

The best way to start an essay is to make a skeleton first. A skeleton is sort of like an outline or a sketch that you make of the topic and the research that you have done. This is a very important part of essay writing and you should never leave it out. With the outline you will be able to begin and end the essay writing successfully.

In the end you should always keep in mind that the research that you are using in your essay needs to be quoted in the right form. You need to give credit and references in the right manner and you also need to learn paraphrasing because you can’t just copy someone else’s work.


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