Top 8 Tips: How to Write a Definition Essay

A definition essay is a particular academic writing that enlightens what a term means. It’s a personal commentary to give the in-depth concept of any specific subject. Physical objects are easy to define while abstract terms have their particular meanings for different individuals and such terms play with people’s feelings rather than any physical sense i.e. love, intelligence, pain etc.

A definition extends the terms by linking the previous definitions with latest info or personal thoughts and by illustrate that how a term should applied. How to write a definition essay won’t be a hard nut to crack, hence one must be clear while writing a definition essay that you’ve to define the term precisely. Present clear information and use facts and verifiable evidences and examples that reader can relate and comprehend.

  1. You should write on something you care about – keep this in mind when choosing a topic for your definition essay as people have a definite idea of concrete objects and they mostly agree with the stated properties but crafting something abstract you are supposed to express your opinions. You must be apparent as you’ve to speak about feelings and attitudes than about actual facts.
  2. Start your essay with the dictionary definition followed by the statement of some well known thinker or specialist in the field you write on.
  3. Then state your view point and enumerate the points in the introduction which you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs.
  4. You may illustrate a contradictory image of the subject to provide examples and evidence to strengthen your point of views further.
  5. In order to fully explain your topic you should be very picky in selecting the examples, facts and/or anecdotes. Never state that example that is not related to your topic or not support your definition.
  6. You can explain the topic using assorted manners i.e. giving the function of the object, particular structure defining, analysis its class by compare it with the same discipline objects. There is another way of defining any term by what the term does not mean. Sometimes this technique gives much better clarity of the matter.
  7. It would be great if you give personal experiences as examples; it makes the topic more factual.
  8. In conclusion refer to what you have stated in the introduction but don’t feel limited as personal is everything in this kind of writing.
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